When you do the work at home, they usually also provide for the painting of the walls. Repainting the various rooms, as well as giving a new look to them , serves to purify sanitize and giving it freshness and cleanliness. It is recommended to perform this task every couple of years to always have a clean house and pleasant to the eye. However, when you perform these jobs, for days lingers in the house the smell of paint. Let’s see how you can eliminate.

The smell of paint is really annoying. Although now trying to make the paint more and more read, the smell of them still feel until they are completely dry and the environment is not filled with new classics odors that there may be inside a house. The ideal would be to do the work even when you do not live in that house. In case this is not possible, you can take specific methods to eliminate the smell of paint.


If the works are carried out in a period when the climate is mild and temperate, as for example in spring or autumn, we can get rid of the smell of paint while maintaining all the taxes fully open. This will create air currents that will sweep away the smell and allow the paint to dry more quickly, thus allowing the work to proceed more quickly.

If it is not possible to constantly ventilate the house due to the weather or the timing of the work, you can take some simple natural methods. The first is to use the vanilla. Before you begin to paint, you should take vanilla extract and put it in the various cans of paint. It would be appropriate to put two teaspoons per liter of paint. The vanilla helps mitigate the strong smell of paint in the air, leaving a pleasant smell sweet.

Ammonia is another valuable aid to counter the paint. Putting it in a container, can be positioned in the water in the room. Immediately after putting, you will notice how the smell of contrasts that of the paint. If you think it’s too strong, you can use ground coffee. Its aroma will permeate every room in the house.

While the onion is known as an effective method to absorb odors. Taking a container and filling it with water, you can put the whole pieces of onion. The result will be amazing. If the paint smell comes not from the paint to the walls, but rather by the color given to the furniture, you can place them in close proximity with a glass of water containing salt. In this way the smell will be absorbed.