The parquet flooring is ideal for making homes and offices and is indicated to floor lofts masonry or wood. The laying of the floors can be a permanent solution, however, has a small drawback, because it is prone to scratches because of wood. To remove scratches caused by rubbing of furniture or excessive foot traffic, you can however remedy in some ways. Here is a guide on how to remove scratches from wooden floors .

When the floor made ​​with the flooring is polished, the scratches are even more evident than in satin. To remedy there are two paths to follow. The first is to call a professional technician with a machine with rotating brushes ensure polish all the floors. This surgery is quite expensive for which we should find alternatives and to enable a substantial savings and get the same satisfactory results.

If the flooring has scratches then scattered almost everywhere, must obtain the emery paper and sand all the areas covered in scratches. The operation, however, involves the removal of the transparency of protection for which, after removal of scratches, you must use the specific wax for wood and leave it laying at the points on which you have worked for at least twenty minutes. When the wax has hardened must be removed with a clean cloth exerting pressure in order to make it stick in the grooves created by the sandpaper . At this point, with the liquid wax very dense and with the aid of classical polishing machine with rotating brushes of felt, it restores gloss to the entire parquet so that the coating is uniform and the scratches eliminated no longer visible.


The problem of scratched parquet is then solved but, if it has been treated with the flatting polished, then the operation DIY is rather delicate Scratches in fact if they are removed with sandpaper, at the same time it also removes the flatting in affected area. To solve the problem then you need to thin scratches to make them less obvious and shallow then take the sandpaper and act only on very thin scratches so as to remove the least possible amount of flatting When you have finished remove scratches on the floor, we can cover them again with the shiny flatting. The application must be made ​​with a brush, gently and without creating streaks When the flatting is dry, then it is the case of use of talc the restored parts so thin grains of polishing product If you use the talc, this is ideal as it acts with a light abrasive effect, precisely the ideal that we need a good sweep to remove the talc and rinsing make the polished parquet again and without the unsightly scratches.