Armchairs and sofas especially those of cloth are prone to getting dirty and for the dust spots for coffee , ice cream, cakes and mainly due to children playing with wax and markers. The problem arises when we want to remove stains and to save the cloth upholstery of both, you have to take some remedies. In the market there are many chemicals , but nevertheless you can also intervene with natural and easy availability . Let us see in a few steps how to remove stains from the fabric of armchairs and sofas .

The fabric of the chairs and sofas can be either color or colored canvas, but also of velvet, silk, up to the most valuable, such as linen, cashmere or alcantara. In all these cases, we can intervene with chemicals but they often get rid of stains, but visibly alter the natural and warm colors of some fabrics. Here then is appropriate to adopt the old remedies with products that are not harmful to health, and which do not affect the structures producing satisfactory results.


For example, to delete patches of ice cream , coffee and salsa, the ideal is to wash the affected area with warm water. At this point, it is sprinkled with vinegar and leave on for several minutes after that, you put talcum powder and let it dry. A brushed removes not only the talcum powder, but also what constituted the stain alone understood. If the stains on the fabric are due to alcohol, then it must be fought with the same product, because the affected area is littered with alcohol so that it blends with that of the stain, and provides you with the usual baby powder drying and the brushing. If, however, we are dealing with stubborn stains such as paint or ink, then it is better to use products a little ‘more aggressive. The ideal might be acetone or tetrachloride, yet to avoid the bad smell emanating from these chemicals, you should use a product equally effective but all in all natural or ammonia.

The latter is present in large quantities in potassium so the fabric of the sofa the wash with the classic yellow soap for laundry (potash) after which with wadding soaked in ammonia, rub at the halo which has since already disappeared in the wash should be applied by dabbing the cotton wool, then absorb the ammonia leaves, sprinkled with talcum powder and the magical removed as in the previous cases with a brush With these natural methods stains on the fabric and couches will be only a distant memory.