Who has not happened at least once to stain the dress by mistake he cared so much, and then want to return it to its former glory by removing that annoying stain. Maybe taking it to the dry cleaner or simply using some homemade method to solve the problem. If so, then you’ve come to the right place, this guide will show you how to remove stains from fabrics with a few simple steps. Let’s see how to proceed.

Before you start you have to remember that in general, the quicker you act, the better the chance of getting good results. Before any intervention, we must always check the reaction of tissue to the substance you want to use by testing on an inconspicuous spot of the garment. There are various types of stain , and for each there is a way to treat it, then go to give an overview of the most common stains and illustrate the best way to eliminate them.


GRASS: If there is a cotton fabric, a fresh stain can be buffered with alcohol . If it has dried, you can take action by using first the glycerin and subsequently the alcohol. effective In alternative could be a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia and two of Marseille soap flakes, dissolved in a glass of warm water. Ammonia is also recommended also for clothes in the linen.

FRUIT: If the garment is white, use hydrogen peroxide diluted to which you add a few drops of ammonia.
If the fabric is dyed, the lemon juice will prove to be the best choice. Alternatively, you can soften the stain in milk, then rinse with cold water or with vinegar and lemon juice. silky To use alcohol.

ICE CREAM: fresh stains are removed with plain or sparkling mineral water with cold water and detergent. dried ones is better to use borax dissolved in warm water. On the tissues that are not washable water, immediately remove the greatest possible amount of ice cream and then dab the area with a cloth slightly moistened and denatured alcohol. As you can see the solutions to the different types of stain are many and also easy to solve with a few products, which certainly every one of you will already have in your home, you will again give that aspect clean and tidy that you love so much in your head. I do not wish you good work.