On the bed every individual spends about one third of their day, and it is therefore essential to disinfect and clean any stains or dirt thus ensuring maximum comfort and health. The stains on the mattresses are one of the greatest torments of every housewife, because the object in question cannot be washed by hand nor put in the washing machine. Among the spots that occur regularly on the mattress, there are: those of pee, usually for those who have small children at home, in the blood, in the case of unwanted menstrual cycle, or for those who have home-sick, coffee, for those who love to breakfast in your comfortable bed, and finally those of the mold, due to high humidity levels. In this tutorial, we show you how to remove stains from mattress, so as to return your mattress to its original splendor.


If your mattress is soiled by coffee , you’ll necessarily get you the glycerin (an odorless and colorless organic compound, often used in food and hand soaps), you can buy it at any pharmacy. Proceed lightly dampened soft cloth or a cotton ball, and then gently wipe the area to be treated. Leave the cleaning solution for a few minutes, a quarter of an hour, and rub on the affected area a few drops of detergent, helping with damp cloth. Finally, the work completed carefully drying with a hair dryer, and if necessary, repeat the same operation again. Success is guaranteed and that annoying stain will be just a bad memory!

If there are any of the annoying, smelly urine stains, you’ll need to act quickly on the area stained in this way will be much easier to remove. Go ahead, rub the offending area with a cloth dampened in a solution of water and mild soap, continue to mop up to remove the dirt. Then, with another clean cloth, rinse and leave to dry. In this case, I recommend you place your mattress in a well-ventilated or outdoor, but lack of adequate space to put it, you can dry it with a hair dryer. To remove, however, urine stains dry you can resort to using 100% natural and effective as detergents on the market. Dab the area with a cloth moistened with vinegar, white distilled, which you can combine equal parts of a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon, then let the mixture stand for several hours. At this point, pick up of hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water 30 volumes) and attach it with the aid of a sponge. Then rub dry with a towel and with the usual hair dryer or the iron, being careful to protect the mattress with a cloth.