When you do, work at home often then there is found the rooms full of clutter, dirt and dust. In addition to this, usually it happens much more often than they would like, they remain traces of cement on the floor or on the walls. This happens especially when you do renovations as, for example, those of laying a new floor, replacing the old one, or even the construction or repair of a wall. In these and many other cases, it can happen at the end of the work on your own to find the cement floor. But, then, how to remove traces of cement from the floor? Here is a tutorial on this subject .

One of the methods to remove traces of cement from the floor is to scrape away. For this you should use a scraper floor. This tool is not more than a kind of razor blade with a small handle. Challenged the scraper you should not do is act with force on the concrete to remove it, obviously being careful not to scratch the floor. To prevent this, you may want to wet the scraper from time to time with water, preferably hot. After removing the grout, the tiles must be washed very thoroughly, using the ammonia combined with boiling water.


Another way to remove residual cement and stucco from the floor is to use the products suitable for this particular purpose. On the market, in fact, there are several products that remove stains and residues of cement and whitening of the installation , cleaning even between the tiles. These products are usually based on acid. It only remains, therefore, that to make a brief survey of the market and choose the product that best suits your needs. A tip: When selecting a product is good to opt for the most suitable for the type of your floor to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Finally, however, that even in this case the saying prevention is better than cure Rely on the professionals for the renovation of your home can be a good way not to find themselves having to remove traces of cement from the floor. And if this still happens, even to remedy you can rely on a team of professionals, which is a specialized company that is responsible for cleaning and it definitely has all the skills and tools to solve the problem.