Although for many people is a nuisance, treat domestic hygiene is critical to ensure the welfare of those who live there; This applies, in particular, for one room of the house ‘private’ as it can be the bathroom, where avoid the accumulation of dirt , dust and limestone is a necessary condition to ensure the hygiene also personal. Among the various health to clean, the shower can be one in which limestone tends to accumulate because of the constant presence of water in a relatively small and closed. In this guide, we show you how to remove water stains from shower .

how to remove water stains

Clean the shower can be a type of cleaning quite tiring because of its size; to ensure the hygiene of this health can opt for the use of the products specific chemical in commerce or opt for the use of natural and environmentally friendly substances that, in addition to sanitize, may allow to obtain a valid action antibacterial eliminating the dirt that tends to hide the plastic cover of the box.

To eliminate the drops of water in the shower that can lead to the formation of limestone can be used a great natural ingredient, suitable as a detergent for cleaning the house, which the vinegar. Easy to find even at the supermarket, the vinegar allows any surface without ruining it also exerting considerable effectiveness limescale. Among the natural allies against scale also appears baking soda, useful to remove the limestone deposited by more time, thanks to descaling.

Even lemon, thanks to the presence of citric acid, is ideal for the hygiene of the shower tray and the walls of the box resulting in a great descaling . You can apply a few drops of utilization an abrasive pad to rub on slightly wet surfaces. Alternatively, the ammonia as well, diluted to 30% with water can be a valuable natural cleanser by use, perhaps with scents that contradict its very acrid smell; in any case it is appropriate that a thorough rinsing is carried out after its use so as to avoid to form a patina of unpleasant yellowish color . Finally, a further solution for DIY you can mix alcohol with mild soap and warm water to sanitize and remove limescale from taps and shower room.