Often the desire to change drives us to want to improve the spaces where we live, making changes , getting rid of the old and useless. But then, it happens that we get discouraged because this operation requires time and money and the times we live in, these are both a luxury that not everyone can afford. It would be a dream too, can count on the help of experts that may indicate new and original ideas and maybe direct the work. But if all this is too much for our pockets, then let’s take a little time to adopt choices, simple and parsimonious. Some suggestions now I will give them to us, along with seeing how to renew a room and make it more enjoyable.

The changes of the environments in which we live, should not be underestimated, as have a certain effect on our psyche. A well-lit room, spacious with warm colors, puts us at ease lounging and making us feel better about ourselves. It should therefore evaluate the characteristics and use of the room that we want to renew. Dopodiciò, consider the amount we have available.


Over time, we tend to accumulate objects often useless and unusable, in different parts of the house. Let’s start from there, we eliminate the superfluous from our room certainly will recover, space and light. Then, let’s start with a list on a sheet of paper, Where we will note the structural changes required (if any) and proceed with the improvements we suggest our imagination, we try to see our room as we would like it to be. To stimulate our imagination, we buy the magazines where surely, flipping, these proposals will be new ideas and modern solutions of simple implementation and cost-effective.

If our furniture has a certain value, may suffice wise repainting DIY , very fashionable antique effect with pastel colors, or we can use the colors that we like. Another original idea is to exchange the furniture between rooms, or decompose (pieces of the same furniture in different rooms). For the bathroom, renovation often coincides with the change of tiles and sanitary. Very used to cover the walls are mosaics, if we opt for those polychromatic we can match them with the color of health and paints on the walls.