The old wooden doors have an irresistible charm . The best thing to do when you have a beautiful wooden door, you keep it as it is, revive it from time to time with a little wax to nourish it and give it shine. But if the doors are really in bad condition or if, instead, they are made ​​of wood, do not despair if you look old and damaged, you can still remedy. To renew and also a beautiful old door in any other material, just a little imagination and taste.

The door, we have already said, it only serves to divide a room on the other hand, it can also be understood as a real piece of furniture. The doors are made, generally, or from a single panel or a frame with two or more panels inside. We can try to imagine it as a frame for a picture: So why not decorate it as if it were a work of art? If you are good with drawing and painting, you can turn the panel into a table to paint at will. There is even a whole country that is dedicated to this art, with amazing results! If you have not, there are artistic techniques like decoupage that allow you to transfer your chosen design on any surface.


If the thickness and structure of the door and allow it suits the aesthetics of the room, you can hang on the door of the small shelf (depth of the recess of the door less than an inch) and then position yourself of the fake books or of objects, which will be appropriately fixed. This “trick” is used to mask a door leading to a room that is not used or which is at a less happy. Taking for example the period houses, we can renew a door also using tissue, creating an effect upholstery that is matched, for example, to the couch of the living room or the upholstery of the room .

To remain, however, in modern style, nothing better than to put on a door with adhesive panels decorated that are on the market at stores Fine Arts or DIY with There are different subjects, from reproductions of great paintings to photographs and, positioned on the door panel, the renew and give a sense of continuity to the walls .

A final decorative technique , to renovate and beautify the doors, is the stencil : acetate templates to use to mo ‘negative transfer an image. You set the mask to decorate the door with double-sided tape and blot with a soft cloth lightly soaked in color. ‘s a technique that lends itself to the decoration of each object in any material, just choose the suitable colors.