The kitchen cabinets define the style of this space and over time can wear out or go out of style. Let’s see how to renew the furniture in the kitchen without changing the entire hotel and save on costs, but with a flawless finish and completely new compared to the original.

The kitchen cupboards and work plan are key components of the furnishings of the kitchen, are elements that can be damaged over time due to heat and humidity. Or simply want to change the style of this furniture to make them more modern and individual. When the basic structure is still solid and functional will not be necessary to completely change the kitchen but just renew the look of saving money. If the furniture is the wood we can navigable and paint them with a new shade, after preparing the surface with a primer for wood. We can choose a simple varnish, glossy or matte, but also a solid color or combination of colors, such as white and red, or sage green and ivory.


To change the appearance of the kitchen will be sufficient to renew the doors that are part of the most prominent of the furniture. If they are very spoiled we can redo them to measure and install them in place of the old ones: the kitchen will look like new. Some companies are also specialized in the renovation of the ante and will renovate them simply renewing its outer surface, with very low cost and with a good result. We will also have the ability to customize the color and appearance of the door retaining its original base. Even the stencil and the sealing cards can be a cost effective and efficient solution if we place them in a precise way. We do not underestimate the importance of accessories, including changing the handles we can give a different look to our roof.

When we renovated the most of our furniture in the kitchen can also intervene on other pieces of furniture for a radical transformation of the space. First, we can change the color of the walls, choosing a similar shade or in contrast with the doors, or by applying a wallpaper resistant to moisture. We change the accessories and decorative objects such as vases, hooks, pot holders and place mats. The tiles can be transformed by simply placing stickers or painting them with stencils to add some detail. Finally, do not forget tables and chairs: we can change the appearance repainting or by varying the coatings and the tablecloth .