Are you tired of old tiles on your floor? Have you recently purchased an old house and want to start from the beginning to modernize it without spending big bucks? The tiles of the garage of your new house you are unexpectedly damaged or the floor of your living room does not reflect the aesthetics of home that you require from your home? Or are you just a big fan of do-it-yourself, ready to transform with raw passion that unused basement into a new room comfortable and cozy? Well! Then this is just the guide for you!

Take measurements of the room that you wish to renew the floor . Went from a retailer of tiles. Choose the tiles and their baseboards that best meet your tastes or your needs. Remove the old floor. With chisel and hammer beats insistently between the cracks of the old tiles you want to remove.


Prepare the glue! Versa in a bucket water in the amount of 2/3 and tile adhesive in the proportion of 1/3. Mix everything with the help of a metal whisk attached to a normal drill. Stretch the glue by means of a toothed trowel on the surface you like cover with the new tiles. Laying immediately after applying the adhesive tiles purchased in STEP 1. Arrange in the four corners of each tile of the spacers to cross .

Make sure you have pasted well by tapping each tile with rubber Size a hammer when needed according to each tile in the shape of your floor using, After you have covered the entire surface of your new floor dedicated to fixing Please skirting the laying skirting boards using the same glue used for tiles. upholster vanishing points above the baseboard with the white stucco Wait for the whole thing to assemble at least 12 hours.

Verify that the new surface created by you actually serves to the project that you expected to achieve. Fill a bucket 3/4 full of water and 1/4 joint filler . Mix together until the dough is smooth. Stretch out with a sponge float the dough you’ve gotten over the tiles. Cover the entire surface of the new floor. Wait 2 hours. Following fill a bucket of clean water. Remove the film on the surface of grout for joints from the tiles with the help of a sponge. Wait until everything has dried completely.