Today when we think of the bathroom is understood the concept of well-being . For a time he considered himself a bath only as a place dedicated to hygiene and care of the body, but today we have come to understand it as the living room of well-being for the individual in this environment that spends much of his time. The bathroom can become a room in which to express their own personal tastes, just like in the rest of the house, leaving the role of just a place to carry out their physiological functions and becoming an oasis of intimacy , in which to rediscover the pleasure of relaxation and well-being. For this choose the right furniture and accessories suitable not enough: the bathroom today as well as being practical must have its own style. When we decide to renew this room, we have to deal with various problems, ranging from those at plant level, the choice of coatings, of health , of the fittings and furniture. There are also lockers and shelves that allow you to hide pipes and at the same time provide useful storage for everyday objects. This guide will give you useful advice on how to renovate a bathroom.

how to renovate a bathroom

To decide the restructuring plan of the bathroom you should first draw a map : measure the local and indicates the size and position of the door, the windows and the direction in which they open; the position of the valves, the pipes and drains without forgetting the location of the sockets and lights. The next step will be to choose health : always check the final effect on the plan before undertaking any work. Install the water close to the sewage system and, when possible, served piping already existing. It would be useful to install the health along the same wall so you can cover all the pipes with a single structure.

If your bathroom is a bit small, you may resort to modular cabinets modular, so you have all the space required by playing on various combinations of shelves , shelves and cabinets. Another point to keep in mind are the lights, in fact the baths, for the most part, require lights concentrated in certain points, such as the mirror (choose it great, great, maybe vintage effect). Make sure, however, that sockets are moisture-proof, choose a switch out of the room so that you can not simultaneously be in contact with water and switch.

Finally make sure the room is well ventilated to avoid a certain accumulation of water vapor that inevitably form with its use. If the bathroom has no window, you should opt for an aspirator connected with the outside which comes into operation with the lighting of the light. Also it would be good practice to also think about the safety measures: non-slippery surfaces, handles in the shower and the tub (if there are elderly and children at home); lockers with keys for storing medicines, sockets and lamp specifically designed for bathrooms. In short, whatever the style of your preference, a provision will be well studied not only attractive, but it will help you make the most of the space and the volumes of the environment.