The bedroom is a very important room of the house and, being one where usually you sleep or you spend moments of complete relaxation , must allow a peaceful rest from the point of view of health, which must comply with certain structural details (such as ‘amplitude, the brightness, the absence of mold or other signs caused by moisture), which make it functional and healthy environment. If this were not so, there will need to perform work of building renovation : the following quick and easy guide that will go to enunciate immediately in the following steps, I will explain very briefly, but in detail, as is necessary to restructure a bedroom !! Lets talk about how to renovate a bedroom.

how to renovate a bedroom

First, you must remove all the furniture present (to have a complete picture on the interventions of restructuring to be done) and to properly evaluate the functionality of the bedroom and if your environment is healthy. Building work more widespread, in fact, are those aimed at eliminating all traces of moisture from the walls and ceiling: in some cases, they can be removed with the special paint but, if they are caused by seepage. It will be necessary to intervene with the masonry work. To ensure that the moisture inside the room is constant and adequate, you could install a dehumidifier or an air conditioner .

Subsequently, after checking the state of the environment healthy, it will be possible to intervene with the renovation works that aim to intervene on the functionality of the room: for example, if you have a square, you can place the bed crosswise, so that we can get two triangular areas (one behind and the other in front of the cot). In this way, you could take advantage of the area back to the bed, in order to build a handy wardrobe through the panels plasterboard.

Further renovations are quite common: the flooring and parquet or carpet are the most appropriate for the bedroom, because give warmth and elegance; painting the walls and, before you run it with light colors (that give a sense of relaxation and make the room seem larger than it is), check if there are obvious holes and / or cracks in the walls (if there are, can be removed by sanding the affected area well and using the plaster ready for use).