The garage is part of our house which reserves a space to park your car or to store objects that have different capabilities . But when you find yourself having to restructure you must take into account many factors that could increase its functionality. In this guide we will see in a few simple steps how to renovate a garage.

First of all, the garage is almost always subject to moisture , which in the long run tends to ruin the walls and the ceiling. Therefore, starting from the interior, in the redo walls and ceiling will want to follow some basic precautions: for example it would be advisable that phantasmagoria in inter spaces insulating panels that leave breathe the wall but, at the same time, do not allow water infiltration or even moisture to go beyond them.


In the play everything is important to use breathable materials including spot from walls. Since often the colors tend to be very bright (almost always white) should be taken of the colors that are not breathable sweat the wall. This will allow you to keep preserved walls.

As for the space we can say that the renovation of a garage is also in the division of the latter to suit your needs if we have the need to bring in the car in our garage is crucial to that end, we reserve a large space that allows to keep the car safe from any bumps that may occur with the walls is very important to place the shelves at a certain distance from the car in the sudden shock could bring down the objects that are above causing serious damage to the machine.

In order to avoid this to happen it is advisable to place various objects and shelving in the back of the room in an orderly fashion in order to find items easily and conveniently. Finally a special attention goes to the floor that will be used: to secure materials such as wood and brick are totally not suitable for their absorbent properties . A pavement that you could use, and which is also very widespread, it is a type of ceramic suitable to the garage and that on which it is possible to carry objects of any kind , even cars. It is as functional as it is easy to wash and no trends absorbent.