The marble tables are very fine furniture that make them look good when exposed parts of the house very refined. With time, however, may suffer from degradations such as chipping or deep lines due to shock or even simple stains. At this point, how to restructure a table in marble? Let’s see how to do the following steps.

To cater to this issue, so to clean, polish and then polish the marble table is necessary to proceed by degrees if you turn off all the stains penetrated the surface. To do this, we must arm of pumice powder to be rubbed on the affected area with a damp cloth (preferably wool). After this operation, it takes another wet cloth until all residues have been taken away. Eventually use a dry cloth to dry everything.

After the fact you have done this you have to remove the possible height of material you need to use a special tool in which to place the diamond plate which totally Granville entire surface. After spending twice the diamond plate you proceed with the proceeding with clean flat surface polishing.


Polishing is a very delicate process that can occur in two ways: either with products aimed to the brilliance or with the polishing machine for small and medium-sized surfaces The advice is to use both alternatives: one for the initial work and the ‘the other for maintaining. Then you need to take to begin to polish polishing machine and lay it on the surface that has been wet with water.

The polishing machine is provided with a circular disc that being passed several times on the wet surface will leave a layer very bright. Once you do this process all over the table then you can remove the water and dry everything. After polished with the machine proceeds with the use of a polishing product (such as the Super Shine Marble ). You should never put the product directly on the surface but it should be sprayed first on a damp cloth and then, after passing this cloth on the table, pass a second time with a clean, dry cloth. The restructuring process of a marble table is very long but in the end everything will come out a true masterpiece!