Who does not dream of having, even in his quarters, a fireplace to warm the coldest days and turn to meet and chat around the fireplace with your family or friends? function It can dress up a decorative and romantic, but it can also be useful to supplement the main heating system, providing warmth.
As usually happens to every element in this case, even the chimney maintenance and generally need some attention, and sometimes restructuring. Who owns such as a type of ancient, built in traditional stone , it may be noted that by the time you are formed spots or cracks, but how to restore it? Follow this guide and you will find some advice.

A fireplace in old stone will often show evident signs of wear, with cracks and dark areas due to soot and grease stains, but when you can, without having to change the original structure, you can take action yourself renovating your fireplace obviously based on the shape and the state in which versa.

Meanwhile purchased a Centro Do it yourself, a grinder angle with the appropriate discs for grinding and cut the stone, which will allow you to act on the surfaces of your fireplace and adjusting them to better their line, thus providing a more orderly, if the levitation edges or damaged parts and too irregular. Often the coating of old chimneys, presents at the sides of the voids, as, over time, small stones that formed the contours, they are flaked. In this case, using a disc properly and possibly with hammer and chisel, remove all that remains of the old board.


Then also purchased the red bricks and cement for mortar, then ( as you can see from the photo ), fill in the contours of the fireplace insert the mortar also in the cracks : if you can get a compound with similar tones to that of the stones present, so much the better, if instead of a different color does not matter: a fireplace renovated farmhouse in a clear but simple elements will always be very unique and beautiful to look at.

Now pass the sander on equal dark and dirty trying to lighten as much as possible, then bring an appropriate product to intensify the color of the stone and pass on the surfaces with a cloth. This will give the fireplace a great shiny, formation above a subtle protective film. Your chimney at this point, while maintaining its original appearance, appear perfectly well-kept and tidy.