Also a swimming pool in walled, needs maintenance and to be restored in all its part , also have a swimming pool in masonry , but battered, ugly and careless would not make sense, would not be valued. We see in this guide how to restructure all or at least part of the pool wall.

The renovation of the pool wall is not something to be underestimated, and this will help, as well impact aesthetic, even at the level of comfort but also safety. In general we can divide the restructuring pool in 3 parts, but the first part, which includes the masonry and aesthetics, the second part, which includes the security and the third part, which includes the comfort and enlightenment. Let’s see how to proceed and how to behave in every case.


Before you begin we need to do an inspection to figure out what we really need to change and introduce. We pay attention to the state of the tile , then the level of security present around the pool (which can be classified on a scale from one to 10) and materials used and which ones to use, and in the end the embellishments and extras that can enhance the aesthetic side and comfort. We also need to understand what kind of restructuring, we do, if for example we have a simple pool with concrete (without tiles) surely it’s time to start a tiling that will improve the level of hygiene.

Without the necessary findings, we can go to practice. Let’s start with the completely empty the pool (preferably also carry out the drying of the surface). Now let us focus on the part of the masonry and aesthetics. We begin to remove the existing tile (or does not possess simply continue with the reading). Removed the tiles we apply a layer of concrete over the entire surface (both lower sides) and proceed with the tiling (choose a light color, such as blue, blue and light blue, this will help to bring up the crystal clear water). On one side of the pool worry to create a concrete block (also tiled but not on its upper surface), this will serve for the future installation of the trampoline. After a day worry of putting the escape along all the cracks and the joining points of the pool so as to avoid the formation of mold or the bulge of the tiles is that the cement.

The renovation of the masonry is completed. Now we secure the cap on the bottom, replace the gasket (or directly the stopper), connect touch with a chain (only if our pool is very deep), and fix the other end near the area of the trampoline so that when the pool is full and we should remove the cap, there will need to pull the chain without the need to bathe and go all the water. Let the glaze waterproofing over the entire surface of the tiles, this will serve to prevent the continuous training of Filippo (but we will also continue to use chlorine).

Let the safety measures. For the safety make sure to install a stone very rough (we can ask directly to ramification to give us the slip tiles) in order to ensure the friction and avoid slipping along the edge of the pool (these accidents are very common and dangerous). Remember to springboard to fulfill the standards of safety, which is well along and well flexible, but we are absolutely very rough, non-slip. Do not make the mistake of installing a short ladder (especially if our pool is very deep) but rather a neocolonialist that it reaches the bottom, this is because when the water inside the pool suddenly gushes down the chute (while a person is resting on a mat of) the person would be able to go back quietly on the shore of the area, something that could do with a small scale.

Finally, we talk about the comfort and illuminations. How comfortable would be nice to install a kind of “hand scroll”, exactly along the edge of the pool is another bass 20-30 inches from the edge, this will allow you to “keep” the people who are not so good at swimming. Another comfort is to create small staircases that in addition to being used just to get in the water can be used as benches that allow you to stay with half body in water and half not. The lighting of the pool should make the environmentally friendly and warm. Worry to install spotlights along the edge of the pool, they can be both functional (make sure that you warm up) or even spotlights directed towards the center of the pool. Someone else has placed it in the pool, usually positioned on each wall a spotlight every five feet. Also choose the light colors, such as blue and light blue that will help to make the water clearer.