Restoring an apartment, especially if it is ours, we charge commitments, but also for fun: choose the materials, plan the restructuring, finding the most suitable furniture, are all things that bring a breath of renewal, both at home and in our lives. Let’s see, how to renovate an apartment.

We procure the map of our apartment and not necessarily consult with industry experts (architects or similar), try to draw a map on a sheet of 0.5 mm squared. On the sheet, the floor plan of the house, availing of pencil and ruler and then evaluating the presence of load-bearing walls, columns, and other fixed structures (doors and windows ), try to maximize space in relation to your requirements at the moment . If you are not quite able to do it yourself, consult an architect, but first evaluated well what ‘is the budget you have available and what are the works of restructuring primary and indispensable.


Take advantage of the new energy law and evaluated the remake (if necessary), windows with double glazing, insulation of walls facing north, thermal and sound absorbing ceilings, roof, everything will be in relation to the type of accommodation to be restored. First, carefully evaluated also the state of the bathrooms, the kitchen plumbing, of ‘electrical and heating systems. If your home is equipped with a roof, you can install a photovoltaic system and thus provide for the production of energy for heating and hot water. After evaluating the reconstruction from the point of view of energy supply and functional, we will pass to the structural and aesthetic.

Do you have children coming up and you need an extra bedroom? Enter the kitchen into the living room obtaining a kitchenette and designed the old kitchen for your children, making it a beautiful room. On the contrary, you have older children who no longer live with you and you no longer need so many bedrooms? Transform them into the studio, gym, sauna, or embed them in the living room (if possible), increasing its size. All of these restructuring operations will be determined and evaluated at a table by the map of the apartment, consider the size of the rooms, the location of the light points, doors and windows. In some cases you will need to break down the partitions and move the doors, corridors and incorporate Inputs Signal inputs.

After selecting the type of restructuring to be carried out, established spaces, environments, and the budget, we will evaluate the materials to be used. Take a tour of the shops and look at the types of flooring available on the market, the coverings for bathrooms and kitchens, choose the new health care, consider the type of wall finish you prefer : white paint, spatula, scratched, wallpaper, etc. Consider the occurrence of replacing the doors with new ones and the renovation of the windows, if they are damaged. Rely on the staff that will restructure your accommodation but, be involved and make sure that you fit the lights and sockets needed, depending not only to the environment, but also in relation to the furniture you decide to incorporate and function of various domestic areas. Finally, choose new furniture, chandeliers and everything you need to have fun wandering around the shops and visiting the sites online .