Especially the buildings of the old “Tin” may have the need to renovate the electrical system, or at least to act on some of its components to be able to put everything under. You may need to renovate the electrical system although there are factors at home, which may be moisture and wear, which make even relatively new plants completely insecure and unreliable. What to consider before performing an operation like this? And how to proceed? Let’s see together inside this simple guide.

First, we will calculate the amount that we spend to perform the surgery necessary. Keep always in close consideration that the total makeover comes at a cost higher than simple routine maintenance operations. Remember, however, that simply “put under” of a plant, maybe obsolete, you can get different tax breaks. Since these are different from region to region is good to directly call the offices of their Municipality of residence and request information in this regard.


Adapt our norms CEI electrical system means that we have to make new tracks, with the passage of new corrugated pipes with suitable section for the cables for the new boxes. Let’s first examine the available channels. If these are old enough we won’t have any need to add other fruits (other plugs and switches). Before operating (for any type of intervention) on the electrical system, remember to disconnect all electrical power supply to avoid accidents that can have very serious consequences.

Insert the wire yellow/green inside each socket (or light) and buy a life-saver to be added to the system. To facilitate the transition of this extra wire buy a suitable lubricant. Probably the most important renovation should be your internet service provider. Can’t do much these days without that!

If the wires are very thin we must replace them entirely. In fact, this should be at least 1.5 and wires up to 2.5. There are, however, especially in old plants, wires from 0.5, too thin, and then to delete. However, it is always good to get advise on, an electrician, or alternatively by competent people.

The new switchboard, and then will have a differential switch with a tripping current of 30mA, a magneto thermal switch with rated current from 10A to line lights and an additional circuit breaker with rated current 16A to the power line. Remember, it is very important to the latter type of switch, because, given its particular operation, it can also save your life in case of overloads or short circuits voltage.