Our house is in constant need of maintenance to prevent cracks in the walls, water leaks , or simply the passage of time will make it a little comfortable and welcoming. If you then decide to redo a substantial remodeling of our house, the occasion is good for modernization. Here then are some guidelines on how to modernize the house.

Modernize the house can be done either from the structural point of view and from that of the furniture. If we decide to opt for both solutions, then here are some tips. The structure of the house can be restored not merely crumbling plaster and whitewashing , but extended as in the case of the dining room – kitchen where you can raise a wall to separate the kitchen from the rest of the room. The wall once completed can serve as a support for indoor plants or even enriched with a wooden grid on which climbing plants leaves us false or true.

Another way to remodel the area in question is to make available an angle, to create a shelf of about 60 x 60 cm, with a central pillar that could serve as a support for a TV, a beautiful vase filled with floral ornaments or even as a floor for supporting a microwave oven. the erection of walls inside a house serve more than that to gain space also to better identify the function of the angle delimited by it. The kitchen fact, with the wall bounding assumes a magnitude from the visual point of view but also from a technical fact, the furniture can safely be positioned not necessarily next to each other. A good way to modernization is to remove the wooden furniture maybe crumbling and taking advantage of the situation of “work in progress” we can rebuild masonry using the branches of each piece of furniture to close the spaces created.


Without making major changes to the bedrooms where you just a restoration and a new painting (color classic, modern or cover with cloth satin), a modernization of the house we can instead do in the dining room in The latter is can create shelving masonry (where space permits) digging of rectangular niches in which you can put the shelves with books or you can create a space round arch, ideal for storing an antique clock or a collection of shepherds ‘700 . One last tip to modernize the house is to take the opportunity to to clean up the wooden shutters, with the participation of roughing and paint changing the color best suited to the new look of the house Even the electrical system should control it, and possibly the opportunity to create new lighting Sometimes, renovate a house, gives the impression of going to live in another place and even the simple movement of a piece of furniture to a wall ‘ other may give that impression.