The time ruler detract from the stone. It ‘s inevitable: the passage of time, wear and tear due to the use, the struggle against the elements, they just bring up old and battered our dear windows consist of an elegant (at least initially) and soft wood . But to get back a house with new windows, it is not necessary upon ourselves spending incredible and buy all the windows. Just because renovate old ones. With this guide you will see how easy it is to restructure and bring back shine to your windows without having to resort to insiders.

An old window, as well as any old piece of wood, is eaten and / or perforated in several places (see photo). The first thing you need to do is to prepare one space to work. Assemble two trestles or an old table, in order to have a support surface for the window you intend to restructure and remember to coat the floor below with the newspapers or towels paint , to avoid soiling everything. Now it disrupts the window you intend to restructure and pog yellow on your work surface.


Now you have to remove all the old paint from the window, until you have the frame of the window completely to the state of raw wood. You can do this in several ways. The first is that which involves the use of gel stripper , that lying on the wood with a medium brush and left to work, eat away all the old paint and facilitate the operation of total takeaway (this method is fast, but these substances are remarkably toxic so it is the least recommended), you can also use a hot air gun purchased at any DIY store, or take advantage of the good old sandpaper (by hand or sander), preferably medium grain.

Once you have reported the frame in its raw state, however, passes the sandpaper grain thin to obtain a smooth surface. Now take the wood putty and fill all cracks and holes that “decorate” the frame of your old window. You should be able to do just penetrate the spaces , so as to fill them. Leave to dry for 24 hours (or more, depending on the climatic conditions of the chosen period to restructure them) and, once dry plaster, goes back to the whole frame-grit paper thin.

Now stretch of the whole frame a coat of primer , which will serve to protect the wood from wear of time and by the atmospheric agents , and to adhere well to the new paint to the frame. Once dry the wet, you can try your hand at painting itself. Chosen the color that you like and works with two brushes, one medium and one small. Once painted every inch of the window, let it dry for a whole day, passing a clean, dry cloth over the frame, and evaluates the idea to proceed with a second coat of paint.