The wooden shutters are windows that give our house a welcoming look and slightly vintage, since they represent a type of object hardly prevalent in recent years, due to competition with more modern materials. The periodic maintenance is an important aspect to ensure them a long life and functional and binds tightly to the use of products of high quality, such as enamels and varnishes, which may come in contact with atmospheric agents more aggressive without losing their ability of protection of the shutter itself. In this guide, we’ll see then how to restructure our wooden shutters so that they can rediscover their beauty and charm of yesteryear.

To proceed with the restructuring of the shutters we procure two stands in wood high enough to enable us to work smoothly. We position above them the Persian and cover the floor below with sheets of paper, so you do not become dirty. Now you can start removing paint the surface of the Persian polish remover and paint before using an abrasive cloth instead of sandpaper, which will enable us to achieve the same result in less time and with less effort. At this point proceed passing a hand of cementite with a brush, so as to smooth the surface and make it homogeneous.


Once the cementite has dried, we switch to the paint, using a paint spray, to be followed by two coats of enamel, which will set the color and protect the surface. To perform this type of operation will be good to use the products of the highest quality , sold in specialty stores, which can guarantee a professional and durable result and can provide reasonable protection shutters not only from the rain, but also from other weathering agents, such as the cold, frost and moisture.

During the restructuring operation we will have to verify the presence or absence of small dots where the wood has become rotten, we can still leave them as they are if they are present in a non-excessive Also remember that the restructuring of the blinds should be done every three or four, even if they should be obvious signs of damage on windows .