With the passage of time the balconies of our homes become increasingly fragile, due to atmospheric agents such as rain, wind, snow, sun, but also due to stress overload and earthquakes, well then start the procedures of restoration in order to avoid problems in terms of security. Then we’re going to illustrate how to restore our balcony, but especially as to prevent the weakening of the same.

Before starting restructuring procedures, one must understand what were the causes that have led to the weakening, in most cases, is derived from the infiltration of rain water inside of slits which are created with the passage of time. And remember that the restructuring of a balcony is not easy to solve, so you must get help from experts in the field. Once you have identified the causes, let’s prepare our working environment.


The balcony is supported by a series of horizontal pillars, then go first to check that the beams (usually made ​​of steel) are not rusted, if we can use if they were made ​​of rust and a brush, then we remove all rust, another fundamental test to be done and if the balcony is overloaded, the balcony should be almost (4 °) perpendicular to the vertical axis of our house if it were not contacted a firm of experts.

Once repaired beams, and cover them well with the concrete epoxy (try to use the same type as that of your balcony, as they may create cracks with temperature changes) in order to avoid that the water can start a new process of rusting, then started using a trowel to pass a first layer, when it hardens, repeat the step until the hole is completely covered.

Once resolved the structural problems, another component to be controlled is the railing, in most cases is made ​​of iron, but can also be wood. Let’s go first to check that the structure is solid and well established (usually four points) to the balcony, where we see the vibration when you touch it and should check the links with the base, very often the holes on which it is fixed wear, then go to insert the cement to strengthen them. Another procedure to be done more often is to check the status of the paint is a question of aesthetics both in terms of safety (rust corrodes iron and weakens it).