How many times has got to realize that the boiler is broken only when we were in the shower? The boiler is an appliance easy to faults and requires annual maintenance. Its yield and its efficiency vary from season to season with the climatic differences, the worst time is certainly during the winter, with frost, especially if we have the boiler outside is not well protected. We see the most frequently occurring failures and how to repair a natural gas boiler.

If the boiler does not make us get the hot water or does get at times, the possible causes are: the coil blocked by limestone, the water pressure is too low, the valve does not open properly. Another cause may be given by the pressure switch, a membrane subject to wear which costs around 30 Euros. We must therefore go for exclusion. Check the water pressure, we continue controlling the ignition of the burner and the regularity of the pilot flame. Please remember to turn off the gas while performing these checks, finally, removing the shell and looking under the boiler, where there are two tubes , we examine the pressure to see if the membrane is intact. We blow through the two tubes and try to turn on the oven.


Furthermore, it is always good to check the nozzles from which comes the methane , must be clean and without any wear and tear, also the other filters should be cleaned every so often to avoid blockages of operation. Also check the power board and control, this component is the brain of the boiler where you can also control other components. At each inspection carried try again to rekindle the facility to verify the restore.

If none of these maneuvers has solved the problem, we try to control the plant with the water circulation, starting from the primary heat exchanger, where the water is heated and fed into the circuit Even when we are not technicians and we proceeded over time to maintain our functional facility with a regular maintenance , a sudden failure can be easily adjustable, provided, proceed with caution. These are the basic actions to be carried out, otherwise we are in the presence of faults that require the intervention of a qualified and probably, if the cost does not suit us, for a change of boiler.