This guide will explain how to fix a vinyl fabric. It is particularly useful because it can easily clean and is resistant to atmospheric agents, but it can be difficult to repair if it is torn. To work around this problem there are several solutions which we discuss below.

If you decide to use a special kit for tissue repair vinyl, do it this way: clean with warm water and a little soap liquid the surrounding area, then dry thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth. Follow the instructions on the package of the repair kit to get the desired color. Many of them include a color chart that provides guidance on how to best approach the replacement part to the fabric that you are repairing. Then applies a plastic spatula under the damaged part and measures to cover it with fine-grained paper included in the kit. Leave to dry completely at least a full day before removing the card fine. Once this has been removed, the damaged area should no longer be visible.

If you want to use a needle and thread, start cutting a piece of fabric slightly larger than the tear or to cover the damaged area, chosen in the same color . Although it is impossible to find two identical fabric, having a similar type make it difficult to distinguish in most of the lights. At this point sticks a needle specifically for the vinyl with a strong thread of nylon, you can easily find at any hardware store or hobby of hunting and fishing. Sew the new piece of fabric over the hole in the original tissue. Once the perimeter was covered, make a knot firmly and cut the excess thread.


A last solution is that which provides a thermal adhesive patch for the repair of tissue vinyl. Will do well by placing on the back of the head. If this is not possible, Fix it just above the tear, but making sure that the cover perfectly. Stretch a thin cloth of cotton over the patch to avoid the direct contact with the iron and the vinyl. Using a low temperature heat and avoiding dispensing steam, passes over the whole area the iron for a few minutes, until the patch does not adhere. Leave to cool and remove the cloth, repeat the operation if the edges are raised.