To repair the doors warped back and forth is necessary to make a great work of restoration , that is, trying to preserve as much as possible the original wood, and try to stay unchanged originality of the cabinet, and at the same time having to return the Mobile perfectly efficient and able to be used normally as if it had just been purchased, the restoration should be performed with precision and perfection. Lets talk about how to repair doors warped.

how to repair

To repair one door twisted forward must intervene on the exposed face of the furniture door by applying a piece of compensation that should be wedged firmly and securely fastened inside a corresponding seat made ​​on the frame so that it can be perfectly inserted. To realize the seat you can use the circular saw blade with adjustable angle and depth of cut in order to have a clean and well done. The blunt cut on the piece of carry and falling on the frame is essential for an effective seal.

The fact must be simply glued dowel. To operate with precision “flattened” or be leveled for not having a different level or uneven, place with the clamps the leaf on a bench top , then do the gluing of the dowel with another wine press that you can remove only when the glue has taken hold and advisable to wait from 2 or 3 hours. (The drawing depicts the processing by cabinet twisted forward). To repair the door twisted backwards instead must act on the internal facade that is the opposite where you just performed the work.

The inserts wedge shown in the drawing shown above, are inserted into a series of cuts that help the insertion of the inserts (made with the circular saw with the blade adjustable) Weighted parallel to the depth to two-thirds of the thickness of the frame of small door in a repair. The wedges must be planted in force with hands and bonded with adhesive vinyl type after this work make sure that the inserts are properly firm and hold firmly. perfectly with the sander tape in order to level the floor so you can have an excellent smooth surface without imperfections, this work can be carried out as a simple do it yourself and with a little ‘of accuracy all I can do so.