If the floor of our house is ruined and it is not crushed stone or marble tiles, for which we need a really experienced, we can do it on your own. A want, you must remove some tiles because they are chipped or have been damaged and then the work becomes even easier. You only need a little good will and some special tools.

Let’s say that it takes a lot of attention because when you want to remove the tile, using a pick, there is a high possibility that the adjacent tiles, will be damaged . Then do one of those grinders that are sold in stores DIY that are small and have a disk of polished steel up. In the line that joins the two tiles, proceed with this diskette, to cut the concrete and doing a bit of attention, not echo adjacent tiles. With hammer and chisel, remove the damaged tile with a spatula and iron, clean well the contours of the remaining tiles. If you need to completely change the flooring Longmont, the job will be a little more difficult.

Try to make a homogeneous background of cement where tiles were placed with a steel knife, a hammer and a chisel. Wet the bottom right where you are going to place new tiles, prepared with a layer of cement mortar with a trowel that you spread out and always with this tool, remove excess mortar then arrange the tiles pressing with your hands. You do not have to walk on the work carried out for at least 24 hours.


With a hammer you will need to remove all the tiles at the same time you must be careful not to spoil too much under the floor screed and still later, you will have to fill the holes left by the mortar and reform a screed level. Apply the tile adhesive over the entire surface and let with a trowel. After approximately 24 hours will proceed to fill the joints with putty appropriate and when it is dried with a soft damp cloth with water, tear off the dust and the excess grout .