Even the light switches can go haywire, after a certain frequency of switching on and off of the light. When something like this happens, we immediately think that it is best to call the ‘electrician, but with the steps described below, you will understand that you can replace yourself your switch, because it is one of those jobs that do not involve special difficulties also There is also a cost savings in doing it yourself.

You need:

1 Straight blade screwdriver
2 Small pliers
1 Switch of the same design

The first step to do is to try to carry out the replacement switch in complete safety, so be sure not to take the shock, unplug the main switch of the house. In this way you will not be available to us in the light house and with this in mind, the best thing to do is to perform such work during the hours of the day , even for being less tired when handling carefully the parts most sensitive breaker.


In the second step, you have to remove the outer plate that acts as a cover to the switch. This board can be fixed to the wall in two ways, by means of screws or with snap . In the first case, the screws must be removed with the screwdriver and in the second case, again using the screwdriver, we have to do lever on one of the sides of the plate.

After removing the plate, we need to remove the screws that secure the wall the old switch , using the screwdriver.

After removing the old switch, in looking closely we see that it is tied to three cables of different colors. The first is called phase wire and is colored blue, the second is called the neutral wire and is colored brown and the third is called the ground wire, which has two colors: yellow and green. The three cables are connected to the old switch, by means of the terminals of the closed with screws , then loosen the screws, by means of the screwdriver and extract them with the help of tweezers in order to untie the cables.

At this point, all that remains is insert the new switch. To do this, one must connect on it the electrical cables disconnected previously, of course, always with the use of tweezers, taking care to properly position the ground wire, which is characterized by a symbol which consists of an arrow directed downwards. Once you have settled all three cables, using the screwdriver must be tightened properly the terminal screws.

To conclude the substitution, proceed by fixing the new switch, tightening its screws to the wall, then put back in place the outside plate, of course, always with the use of the screwdriver.