At times it becomes necessary to replace an internal door of our apartment, since this is worn with the passage of time, or has been damaged to which it is not possible to remedy. The transaction relating to its replacement may seem complex, on the contrary will be able to cater to this need by simply following detailed instructions . In this guide, then analyze all the steps that will allow us to change the door so quick and easy.

Before starting work we will have to procure all the necessary material, which is the new door with its frame on the architrave, hinges, handles and lock. We will also have on hand a set of screwdrivers of different sizes, a hammer, a plumb bob, a level, a tape measure, a ruler and a pencil, a hacksaw, an electric screwdriver, a chisel, polyurethane foam filling and specific adhesive for wood. Before you start will be good to also check that the thickness of the new frame corresponds to the thickness of the wall.


First we provide to dismantle the old door by removing the door. This operation is very simple, in fact we will have to open the door to its fully opened position and then lift it with force allowing the spill from its hinges. If we have difficulty is to position a chisel or screwdriver under the door to help us during the operation. After removing the door, we eliminate the back-lining, the frame that holds the space between frame and sub frame, and Monterrey the frame by unscrewing the screws that hold it anchored to the sub frame.

We can then go on to fit the new chassis, which will already have been anchored in the new door complete with lock and handle, we can easily install it following the instructions in their packing During the mounting operation of the new port, the lock must be locked, to allow you to keep the door flat on the frame. We proceed by mounting the chassis, taking care so that it is equally distant from the three sides of the sub frame and is in line with the structure, helping with the plumb line and the plummet We set then the door to the chassis by tightening the screws, possibly helping with an electric screwdriver, and fill the space between the chassis and with the self-expanding polyurethane foam, which will allow two sides adhere well between them finally apply the frame by mounting interlocking or by using a specific adhesive for wood.