The repairs to the water leaks many times they are very annoying. Lots of times we do not even realize that our problem stems from a small tube, and having little use in handling small instruments, we are forced to spend money to solve the most our problems. But now you will never have this problem, just read this guide, and we will take you step by step to the total resolution of the problem. Here’s how to replace the tap hose.

First, before combining slaughterhouses recommend you go near the water meter and close the key in your home. Second time we have to “download the tap, running the latest water and adding a bucket under the hose so as to avoid leaks.Now we need a wrench to unscrew the parrot and your hose is on the side of the wall on the side of the tap, if the hose has been largely neglected, we will have more difficulties when unscrewing and therefore we recommend that you use the appropriate products here make less friction by facilitating the extraction. Once you remove the old one we have to install the new one.


The new air hose must have similar characteristics to that previously changed to mount it to better serve us a roll of Teflon tape , wrapping the two threads of our tube Without the operation will bring two living close to the threads and tighten with pipe wrench slowly in order to avoid any loss each so this is done make sure that we have assembled all the best ways later adding the key we had previously closed thus leaving water flowing through the tap just fitted look carefully at our tube to make sure it did not leak and leave everything as fact.

This is done so we will have our tap hose changed and ready to have a long life. If in case we meet with a loss you should unplug everything again and better address the Teflon tape and screw it back on everything with utmost care.
This guide can really be completed in no time, saving both time and money. I hope this guide has been helpful and that in the next difficulty would be already able to solve any problem .