Often the interior doors of the house are decorated with stained glass more or less expensive, very beautiful and decorative. Have you ever wondered what to do if one of them falls apart for any reason? It is not as difficult as you think. If you are interested, read the following guide, who will explain briefly how to replace the glass door.

There are various types of glass, from normal, transparent, those frosted, beveled, corrugated, unbreakable. If you want to replace the glass in your door with a different one, you should ask prior information to the glazier. To begin with, you have to remove the old glass that broke. If the glass is broken, leaving the jagged pieces set, you have to grab the individual pieces with your hands (gloved of course), and you have to remove them one by one after they are loose. It is safer to start working from the top of the frame. As a precaution, also wearing goggles.


Take measurements of the glass and procure a new one (with regard to quality and price, of course, depends on your own preferences and economic possibilities, then this choice is at your discretion). It is important that the measurements are very accurate and, where appropriate, tells the glazier the placement of the glass, so that you can give advice. If the glass has a particular shape, it is good to draw its form of a card, so that it is used as a mask.

Get one chisel and a hammer and begins to remove the lower part of the frame that will house the new stained glass window. This must be done with great patience and careful to avoid damaging the frame. For safety removes the rear part of the frame, so as not to have any chipping at sight. Once you remove the bottom starts to also remove vertical stripes.

Once you have finished removing all the chassis, remove any remaining shards of glass, then clean with care. Afterwards, you can place the new glass, being very careful and through the help of the person. Put the frame, always starting from a short side. You must attach each strip of the frame with the tacks. Remember that this operation is delicate, so be careful, because a slightly stronger blow with the hammer could shatter your new glass. Nails, with patience, the whole frame.