Before a security door old enough and then with a lock already worn, it often runs the risk of being locked in their own home or even outside it. To avoid this, and then a total blockade of the door lock, agree replace it. The lock must be necessarily changed, when, and turn the key and after several turns, the key is often jammed and when we realize that the use of oils or other lubricants will not be enough to solve the problem. The only thing that is recommended is to keep always efficient the various elements that constitute the lock of a reinforced door and which are subject to a movement continued, but at a time limited. In this guide, we will understand how to replace the lock on the security door.

Needed : 2X stands, a lift doors, a screwdriver, a drill iron 3.10; Allen key 2,5 / 3/4/5, a Phillips screwdriver, snap ring pliers, a knife, a double-sided tape.

You may decide to call the locksmith or to replace the lock so independent. The first step is to open the security door and lift it, after placing the center of the door a lift. The door must be lifted by two men from the hinges and placed on an easel. Disassemble, first, the internal panel, the handle, the two knobs, the two plates, the screws that hold the panel plates, hinges firm inner panel, using the tip for iron 3.10. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the flange and bar anti-draft. Remove the peephole, lift the panel by pulling the double-sided tape and then remove the cover lock, the seigher, cylinder and handle the painting. In addition, the inner core of the lock and the screws that attach the defender must be removed.


Second step: enter the new lock, then the shims. Replace the defender, the core, the cylinder, then also the framework handle the seigher to tie the rods of the lock. We must proceed with the assembly of the lid, the insertion of the double-sided tape necessary for keeping the panel and the panel frame on the hinge side and let it slip on the doors. Patents from 3 will be used to replace the frames. Replace the flange and the bottom bar anti-draft. Finally, we will continue with the replacement of the handle and then sub plaques, plates, handles, knobs and the last, the peephole. Lift the door from the stand and put it back on the lift, using your foot. the lock has been changed and the door is returned to its place. The damaged part, and possibly does not involve an excessive price and whether you have the right skills, can be safely repaired, I instead, I suggest you replace it. Everything you need to replace a lock, is a certain dexterity, strength and willingness to understand and put into practice the various steps and procedures of work.