When the bowl of a toilet is damaged or smells unpleasant, it means that must necessarily be replaced . You can apply a strip watertight, if encountered a problem concerning the loss at the level of the connection joint of the exhaust. But, the true is to change or repair the toilet bowl or / and the connection joint. The cup has its own exhaust pipe, separate from that of the other health. E ‘consists of a vertical column that provides a derivation from each floor. In this guide, we’ll see how easy it is to replace the toilet.

You need:

New toilet bowl; new seam of mortar; new exhaust pipe flushing; new joint fitting plastic, a plastic sleeve (if necessary). drill, large screwdriver, screws, hammer, chisel mason.

Remove the old toilet bowl (even if you change only the joint), starting with the unscrew the base to erase with a large screwdriver. If the heads are rusty, you would use the drill to make them jump. Some types of cup are embedded in a socket of masonry, which must break when you are going to install the new WC hide , or better to break the old mortar seam that joins the cup to the discharge channel. The coupling of malt (or stucco) is dismantled with the hammer or chisel as a mason. Dab the tube in order to avoid the return of foul odors. Disassemble the connecting tube to the flushing system, only after having removed the water.


Place the new joint in plastic. There are different types of coupling (straight or elbow), but most modern ones are plastic and are easy to install, because it simply fit together at the two ends, at the exit of the siphon of the cup and on the tube of the black water. The coupling fits inside the male fitting, that is, of the exhaust pipe and the outside of the female fitting, the output of the cup. The coupling, being flexible, ensures a slight axial difference between the output and the tube. The new joint must fit the new cup (or the old one) and be placed in the exhaust pipe of sewage. The coupling must be pushed well into the exhaust pipe in order to ensure a perfect seal. E ‘indispensable both thoroughly clean the inside diameter of the tube and both make use of a sleeve in plastic if the cup is too far away from the duct.

Place the cup: pushing the output section of the female connector of the joint. Performed the signs on the floor, where, with the help of the drill, you are going to apply the holes (with drill bits long, you can drill holes, starting with those of the base of the toilet). Insert the wall plugs, moving the cup. Put the cup in place and adapt it perfectly to the joint will be inserted with force. After you have screwed the cup, reassemble the drain hose flushing (or change it if necessary). At the end of the installation and connection of the toilet, you will need to check the tightness .