A glass table is undoubtedly beautiful and delicate and must be treated carefully, however, because being very fragile can easily chipped, scratched or even lean beyond repair. When it comes to a table of fine glass and forming part of a furniture design signed, in case of accidents can be overcome, however, with interventions to avoid giving to it. Let’s see about that a guide that explains how to restore a glass table.

A glass table can be either transparent white that particularly colorful paints with fire. We see then in both cases, what are the restoration work that can be done. The transparent white glass splinter when the edges, it can be restored in the following way. So let us take a piece of wood that wrap in a sheet of sandpaper to large double ingot making a sort of drive that gently rub the sides chipped, taking care to make them uniform associational and other smooth parts.


Having re-established the right of the square edges of the glass, with the same procedure using the abrasive paper thin which serves to give shine to the edge chipped. In this way, the transparent glass is returned as new and ready to be repositioned on the floor of the original spot . As for a table of glass with colored shelf there are two opportunities for restoration depending on the damage that occurs. A first example is when due to an accidental fall on the glass, it will crack for realizing the entire classical cobweb . In this case you can save it to intervene using the part of the underlying sheets of adhesive paper, while on the one in which there are grooves evident in the form of the spider web is done with the superglue accurately positioned over the entire surface.

Once dried the latter must be sanded to remove all thicknesses created by the glue and wadding soaked in the colors of your choice you can turn the glass into a kind of marble. Finally, if a colored glass is scratched and not only in depth, but it presents a fairly clear type pea-green coloration should then sanded to eliminate the grooves and then applying a special paint for glass. At this point, the staining was completely restored and is sufficient to flip the glass table on the stand to get back the original natural color, and without the danger that the pain goes away at the touch of hands or by using glass cleaner.