If you have purchased the house recently, in an old antique or artistically relevant, may be happening to find yourself with some mural. At best, it was sold in good condition and recently restored, otherwise it needs a wise maintenance, especially of historical importance. We must say that it is not a task for beginners, but we need a competent help or at least a thorough foundation of the restoration otherwise you are likely to do incalculable harm. If the value of the work is not very relevant, you might even think to take courses on the subject and to participate in the recovery. In the next steps, you will be given some advice about how to restore a house painting wall.

The first step is to understand what we have to do if a fresco, tempera and above that historical period. If you can not do it by yourself, ask for a referral to a specialist and you’re at it, get a quote. If the painting has historical value to know that the law gives specific guidance on this. It goes reported to the Department in your area who has the duty to ensure the integrity and preservation work. Meanwhile, you cannot perform any kind of tweaking, you might run into unpleasant legal wrangling.


However, the task of restoration is complex and often expensive, but sometimes it’s worth it. It starts from cleaning, to remove the dust deposits on the surface using natural sponges and water. Next, we pass to wraps with a solvent, usually using the ammonium carbonate in solution by brush on c. D. Japanese paper to keep constantly moist for about 5 minutes. After removing the compress, proceed to the removal of dirt by dabbing with a sponge.

Subsequent operations require a lot of work frightful and precision. This is the phase of consolidation, in case of alterations plaster, such as cracks and lifting and grouting. The latter is used to make the surface smooth, bridging gaps of color or fractures.

Finally, we have the phase of remodeling that will act purely on the colors as much as possible by reconstructing the original figures. This is a crucial step because inexperienced hands may alter the work by altering the originality. The primary objective is the preservation of fact, everything that can distort the work is to be excluded.