Hangers, coat hangers, clothes hangers, how many hangers: What can I do? Those iron, fine, read, deform too easily, useful only for garments that are not too heavy. Besides, we also puts the laundry, which continues to give us back our clothes on these hangers sterile iron unnecessary and deformable. And now they are there in our closet to tinkle, empty and lonely, because we always prefer the plastic ones with pretty wide shoulders, because they can use them for all our garments clothing, light and heavy. Because they do not deform! And then we will turn the fault of these poor crutches, their professional deformation in useful qualities. Are you ready? Arm of imagination and creativity and be able to realize the true goodies and useful at the same time alternative and unique. Reconnect life to your hangers! curious Here’s some advice for reuse.

Gardening is your passion?

The hangers can be a valuable aid is to “stop” the vessels, ensuring stability in windy conditions, and to create media for your plants in the garden, such as bean plants, tomatoes and peas, which during their growth always need support, and it is to create a structure for your climbing plants. How to build the structure? With a little ‘patience and the recommendations below. Obtain 4 wooden boards, the thickness of 2/3 cm, width 8 cm, and the length you prefer, depending on the final size you have decided on your accommodation, hammer, wire, nails, gun “staple gun” (alternatively you can use the classic “strain relief” of plastic nail attached, those for the power transmission lines, for instance) Conduct.


Combine the 4 wooden boards with nails, as if you were to create a frame for a picture. operation is finished, it’s time to enter stage our hangers, arranging them in a creative way on the wooden frame that you built, and fixing the same by using the “gun shooting points” or “strain relief” in plastic, the important thing is that the hangers should always cross each other, at any point of the surface, the important thing is that they are always in contact with each other. At this point we fix the “cross” that we created with crutches using the wire, so as to prevent movement sudden that would deform the structure that we have created. completion of the work, we can conclude the work by coloring the boards at will, and why not, even on crutches that we have applied. And here an original wall for your creeper!

More quickly and useful to reuse hangers is make the hooks for hanging various objects in your kitchen, in the bathroom, in the closet, etc. How? Using their “hook” to hang a lot of things, from tea towels in the kitchen, the scissors, keys and anything else hanging. Another easy idea and curious . Do you have a T-shirt that you no longer use? hanger to hang it as a place to put it in the closet, but instead of doing, assembled the base and sleeves. You will have created a nice container to use as a bag holder, door cloths, brings all that your imagination will suggest. And then with a coat hanger and a pair of pliers, you can do wonders! Using the part of hook, you can turn it into a working tool “do it yourself, useful to remove hair and foreign bodies that can clog your various health from the sink to the bathtub. Or creating a beautiful door rolls of toilet paper various forms. With a little ‘creativity and patience, you will be up to you to create a work of modern art museum. And in the kitchen? can use cutting them so as to obtain the “sticks” that you can use to create skewers of vegetables or fruit. And if you prefer the cooked vegetables, you can cook directly inserted into sticks made ​​with your old hangers, which, being of iron, yet retain most of the heat, and cook the skewers faster, even within. Want technological idea? Here it is. Transform seemingly useless hangers supports PC, Tablet, iPad, and other technical wizardry in a few simple steps and free! Here’s an example .

Last but not least two ideas romantic:

You can model your heart-shaped hangers and cover with cloth, then decorating them with ribbons and flowers. accessories will be the romantic to hang in your home, or to give to your friends. Or you can go to some market and sell them. Never seen it becomes for you a true creative business! Last advice for recycling: you can make them fly. Yes, your hangers can fly. If you have a child or grandchild, you can make happy giving her the wings, the wings made with your useless hangers. How? simple. Unite 2 hangers on the side of the hook, cover with cloth and then with the colored tulle white or light pink, or turquoise, or the color of your choice. You created the wings homemade. so you can watch two shows your crutches and your fly girls smile. And now to work.