This time, a little difficult for all the economic point of view, there is, in fact, afforded some privilege. We are all more aware of our real needs buying what we really need and using what we have without it aside in a corner after a couple of uses. Give more attention to our creativity, inventing original ways to reuse things a bit ‘old we have at home, but we do not consider so battered by throwing them away. We continue our time, we share with our loved ones, experimenting with new ideas.

What if

We have some sheets that we no longer use, probably because we have stained bleach is why they faded a bit, bringing some tears at some point? If you, like me, you love to keep your wardrobe in Order and breathe a nice feeling clean every time you open it, I can suggest an idea that will allow you to do good to your clothes and the environment.


We will make the textile wraps to keep our heads avoiding each other is crinkled and take dust, also protecting you from allergies. Identify First Chapters store. You can make your cases in different sizes and with different ways of closing.


Case pajamas

to keep your pajamas avoiding plastic bags and the smell that often We ensure on our heads, as usual fold it and put it over your sheet well open. Cut out the fabric needed to wrap it as if it were an envelope, resulting in a rectangle that completely wrap your pajamas. Before you sew the edges obtained, you can apply on them a satin ribbon for enhance the result. For the closing, you can use a button, by choosing among the various formats, or used once again a ribbon to be tied in a bow.

Bag for bras

The bag for bras will be very useful to keep them in order finally to save space. Again drawn a rectangle on your sheet, making sure that it is enough to contain your bras and kitchens right side edges. Then take a tape and sew the upper edge tucked inside, so that the tape continues to move inside it. Take the two ends of the tape and sew or bind them together. At this point you can close your bag simply pulling the ribbon and open it with ease.