You want to give new life to antique furniture or furniture makeover? Here are ideas and techniques to customize your furniture.

The first step is to prepare the unit before the paint stripper.

Two cases: If it is a piece of Contemporary Furniture polish, sand it with sandpaper or electric sander, if it is a painted furniture, apply a universal cleaner or a cleaner made home. Let dry and then remove the paint scraper. In the case of old furniture, it is advisable to treat with xylophene against termites and other pests. If your furniture has holes or slots, recap them with a spatula with wood pulp. Let dry and sand the excess dough.

Distressed: You can make a painting decatie revealing the color underneath with acrylic paint and beeswax. It takes only a first coat of paint of your choice. Once dry, go to beeswax to where you want to see the first layer, then move the second coat of paint of another color. Let dry and have a sandpaper middle grain on the parties to the worn effect.


Limed effect: Give an aged look to open-pored woods (oak / ash). This is to bring out the wood grains. To do this, you dig the softer veins using a wire brush, then sprinkle the grain of a white wax or pastel.

Limed effect

By its texture and rendered chalky limed effect will bring a touch of sweetness to your Modern Sofa. We must wipe the paint with a cloth before it dries to give a softer look and decrepit.

Indeed glaze

It will fade the color nuances in creating a uniform paint. The glaze coat means a very transparent and very diluted, which can mimic the effects of contamination due to time.

Crackle effect

To recreate the look cracked and peeling of old country furniture. Apply your first coat of paint and let dry, then apply the paint to crack. As it dries it becomes sticky, then apply your second coat of paint, the paint will then crack.

The mosaic

This technique will allow you to cover your doors while making the seal. For your convenience, you can choose square pieces that you align. If you feel the soul of an artist, you can throw in a setting made with pieces of different shapes, consider using fragments of tiles that you have previously broken into small pieces with a hammer. In all these techniques, you can attach stickers, tapestry, collage of towels, posters, bottle labels, the pages of comics, to make pictures or patterns.