Time leaves its mark on the smooth and shiny surfaces of wooden furniture . That are truly ancient or modern furnishing, furnishings of solid suffer everyday use and gait of years far more than those made ​​with modern materials. But this should not deviate from the desire to breathe the warm and welcoming atmosphere that only natural materials can give. There are different and simple techniques to revive wood furniture, but keep well in mind that the constant maintenance is the first step to always have polished surfaces and wood well fed.

Before carrying out any treatment to restore its original shine a piece of furniture in wood , it should be (always) that the surface is thoroughly clean. So with a woolen cloth must remove dust, cobwebs or debris that there are over. Today, the market, there are lots of clothes suitable for this operation, made ​​with synthetic fibers. These are also excellent. Not good cotton.

A good maintenance is at least weekly. Although fast and quick, will allow the wood to be fed and then polished. Take a few minutes: a woolen cloth removes dust and then you move a product nourishing and polishing. They go very well in spray waxes, easy to find in supermarkets and cost quite content. Some brands, today also produce versions “no gas”, which are in harmony with nature and still gives excellent results in a short time.


An intervention deeper, however, should be done at least once for every season This provides, as always, with a dusting of wool cloth and then to pass on the entire surface of the movable one layer of solid wax , which may be in dough or tube. The material should be left to act and dry for at least half a day at this point, with a soft brush (not to damage and scratch the wood), we removed the excess wax with circular motions Finally, to enhance the brilliance, then everything will be polished with a soft wool dry and clean .