Save on bills is now a compelling must for anyone. Going for maximum energy efficiency not only affects our consumption but is also a major factor in ecological commitment to less and less impact on the environment and live in an environmentally friendly manner . We save doing something useful. Having few but wise precautions is productive in order to have both the electric bill that the gas a little ‘less salty than usual. Here is the guide to follow how to save electricity and gas .

how to save electricity

First of all, you have to pay attention to the improper use that often we do our appliances: those of more common use , such as the TV and the stereo: if left always on stand-by, consume an average of 30 watts / hour, eliminate this unnecessary waste of electricity simply plug several appliances together in multiple sockets, plug with on-off, allowing us to reset the consumption when we are not using the equipment.

Another essential action is the replacement of the old bulbs with the latest generation in low power . The expansion of the number of suppliers in the fields of electricity supply, and that of the gas allows families to choose the contract best suited to their consumption: then evaluate the offers of the free market is a further step. There are indexed rates, which are subject to quarterly increases, the fixed price that does not vary for a certain time after signing the contract; the threshold, which are convenient if you can “program” their consumption and those called dual-flue, where they combine electricity and gas in a single contract with rates slightly reduced. The signing of the contracts on the Internet also allows minor expenses views the elimination of the whole process of distribution and this is to the benefit of the end user. With the hourly rate you always pay the same amount regardless of when we consume electricity while.

With the rate bi-hourly consumption of the evening hours and holidays costing considerably less: this seems beneficial but we must consider that to be real benefits from the bi-hourly rate, you have to use at least two-thirds of its total energy consumption in the band reduced price. As regards the reduction of consumption of the gas, there are small attentions, as always use a type of burner of adequate size to what we want to heat, thus avoiding unnecessary waste; the use of the covers and turn off the stove just before reaching the area, we will allow an additional source of savings. A must is the annual maintenance of heating systems and a moderate use of radiators. The bills are still rising and is required to take the moral conduct.