For those who love the culinary arts have an oven is essential to prepare the best dishes to offer to the guests. The baking makes the food very tasty and tasty although often its use requires the consumption of a lot of energy. The electric oven is equipped with two resistors, a lower and an upper, for cooking and a grill to brown the cooking and all these elements can be used simultaneously or separately. Here is a simple guide with tips to reduce energy waste and save on utility bills.

If you decide to buy an electric oven the advice is to choose a model that has aired and the glass door. Compared to traditional electric ovens this type circulates the hot air in order to have a uniform temperature inside the oven. This will give you the chance to place more food on different layers of the oven and cook in less time, saving a lot of electricity. A very important precaution to be taken is to minimize the opening of the oven door. The warm air tends to leave out quickly so reducing the aperture means keeping the oven is hot and ready to warm up other dishes.


The preheating function of the device should be used only when strictly necessary because its use requires a greater amount of energy. Remember to turn off the oven before completing the cooking the food will continue to cook due to the heat accumulated inside the appliance. After using it, be sure to clean the oven really well. The residues of the dishes that remain in the cooking compartment make more expensive the ignition so having a clean oven is equivalent to having an efficient furnace.

To reduce the consumption of the electric furnace , if there is possible, it would be desirable to combine a microwave The combination will give you the opportunity to exploit the full potential of both devices just enjoying their respective benefits that they can offer. Keep in mind that a microwave oven consumes less than an electric oven gave claw cooking takes place within the food and that this instrument is particularly suitable for fast defrosting of food.