With the approach of the high temperatures, the use of air conditioning is a must, almost all have one or more air conditioners at home are able to make us suffer less heat but also to considerably increase the electricity bill. What I want to do today is to illustrate some simple but effective systems that save reconciling economy’s well-being.

DONE AWAY WITH WASTE: it seems trivial but it could not be the first on the list. Very often the air conditioning does not turn on because it is “hot” but because “it’s summer.” This reasoning is to be avoided since the best way to save on air conditioning is surely to not use it. In this regard it should continue to do trust on older technologies. The air conditioning is powerful and cools the environment, but sometimes even a simple fan can be enough to provide refreshment. Perhaps not everyone knows that a fan very fast on average consumes 60W in the face of the 1000-1200W a conditioner medium. This means that with the same consumer can decide to maintain on a fan or air conditioner 20 hours 1 hour. Think about it carefully and then choose between the two, depending on the temperature. Another system could be useful to use them in tandem, for example, if the air conditioner is in a room, but if they want to call another, just position the fan inside of the first room by ensuring that pushes the cold air towards the second; simple but effective trick.


ISOLATE THE ENVIRONMENT: According to the laws of physics is impossible to cool an environment in an absolute way, the only way to do this is to heat at the same time another environment. This means that while the indoor unit of your air conditioner works to cool your room the outdoor unit works to further heat the external environment. To this must be added the heat just ornamentation the air conditioner. By analyzing these few data therefore we can easily deduce that (exemplifying) if we put both the external drive from the internal drive in a single room will get a general heating of the environment and this regardless of the set temperature in the air conditioner. We must not therefore completely open the windows during operation of the air conditioning for both the above said (to open the windows equivalent to creating an exclusive atmosphere) and for the simple fact that the outside air, no matter how windy it is very warmer. So you have a few minutes of patience and resist the temptation to open the windows, you must wait until the air conditioner is put into operation and begins to do its job.

DISCARD THE OLD AIR CONDITIONER: The old air conditioners tend to consume much more than the new This happens either because their technology is dated and because the new conditioners work in such a way that once it reaches the temperature indicated on the display of the remote control lowers the their operating regime, thereby consuming significantly less . Throw your old (or exchange better) and buy the new, it is a long-term investment for sure.

DO NOT USE TEMPERATURES GLACIAL: The temptation to put 18 ° C is strong and you know, but you have to think that at 18 ° C in winter you start to feel cold (and how many times you turn off the air conditioner because it starts to get too cold?). Furthermore, the temperature of 18 ° C is very low and almost impossible to achieve, and this means that the air conditioner will continue to work without interruption even if new generation. To this is added the intuitive notion that the lower the set temperature, the higher the consumption. So you have to keep temperatures, low yes, but not too much (22/24 ° C), this in addition to save us for the reasons listed above it avoids unpleasant ailments and not recommendable change in temperature between external and internal environment.

USE THE “DRY” English “dry” function dry lowers the humidity of the air. For those who do not know one of the factors that makes us suffer most heat is the very high humidity. This significantly slows the evaporation of our sweat (exemplifying the principle of Le Ch atelier : the molecules of water vapor occupy the surrounding air by preventing new molecules that may be present on our skin to evaporate because “there is no space”) preventing us from properly disperse body heat. It is common observation that when you have a chilled bottle water vapor in the air condenses on the walls bandwagon bottle. When set to DRY the air conditioner functions as huge bottle ice: the condensed water vapor (moisture) is then collected and discharged to the outside in the form of water. The importance of this function is in the long-term effects which could have. Indeed, while the low temperature disperses easily in low humidity needs more time to get back to the original levels. This means that to use even for one hour to ONE DAY DRY function can save us considerably (as long as you keep the isolated environment) is because DRY-conditioner consumes less and (especially) because the low humidity will give us a feeling of fresh regardless of the temperature of the room, inducing them to use less air conditioning.