In those years in which there is the economic crisis that has hit our country, more and more families who feel difficulties than in previous years. And ‘well then try to change our habits in order to avoid waste that we can get more savings. should actually be a little ‘more parsimonious many years ago. It important to be especially careful about what is really necessary and / or essential from what you do not need.

Many people in fact tend to accumulate objects, clothes or so-called “junk” without which the latter can actually have a function in our life. There are many things that are “stored” so, because actually you realize the true uselessness . ‘s why at the moment is good to try to save money but also try to get some more gain. ‘s why maybe remove from the basement or the garage all those things put away, never used, given away, not like anymore, replaced by others, that there are more clothes etc.


There are many markets scattered throughout Italy who run the store of customers who need only register and membership at no cost. Is given a very high percentage of the sale price which is attributed to “goods” delivered and there are lists of items that are collected and sold at different locations. In fact, some markets are specialized in selling designer clothes, others in the sale of furniture, others in the sale of objects or clothing .

The important fact is to sell what no longer serves us or we do not like. Why throw away something that we can make a profit even if the minimum? There is always someone who is interested in what no longer takes our interest. In addition, by necessity, who should replace the old furniture with a newer one and the new supplier is not willing to withdraw the used, can always put it on sale profitably something instead pay a carrier to take him to the landfill.

Items that can be collected are of various types. From old appliances with new ones and used the latest technology, books and magazines, CDs and video cassettes, clothing of all kinds (designer clothes and not), toys, lights and lighting, furniture , objects varies (ornaments, frames, paintings, vases, pillows, watches etc.), cosmetics, technology and many other things. things less cumbersome to have to go to the market of used to view the goods and the goods instantly inserted into the database coded and assigned to your registry ( created during registration). The goods must be new or used but not destroyed, I recommend it. Another is to take care of the objects clean and dusted as soon as you exit the tomb of Ramses. the sale of real objects delivered to you will be awarded commissions on your registry and you can get your earnings whenever you want to do it by going directly to the market.

For the goods more cumbersome as furniture, mirrors, bicycles, appliances, deck, etc. require a full picture of the article and a photo to the details so you can avoid empty trips. If they go well then it will be just the staff of the market that will travel to you for withdrawal. E ‘to emphasize that the markets do not take all so you should make more cards in different markets, because often what you do not withdraw a market is withdrawn from ‘another. Varies by customers who travels in various shops and the merchandise that is purchased.

For the “lazy” instead you can sell online from your home without much effort. Even so items must be cleaned and photographed in the best possible way. There are several sites that require a fee (percentage) of the total sold. These sites are usually more secure and constantly monitored by qualified personnel and transactions are verifiable. In fact, they are usually managed on Post pay. It should also provide feedback, positive or negative, both for the customer who purchases on the site, for both the vendor that sells. This is to protect against fraud and disappointments on the web. In fact, if you sell and a customer is interested you can check out his feedback. Conversely, if you need to buy. We must also agree to the delivery if by hand or by mail. E ‘is another way to sell what we do not need in a fast and fun.