Organizing a garden wedding is a real challenge for all of us. It must be so much time and patience, so that everything goes in the best way. But in order for everything to be perfect, it must be a special place where you can set the reception, first and foremost among these is the garden. If you have so much space in the garden and guests are not numerous, you can expect there to organize your wedding banquet. In this guide I will give you suggestions on three different styles of furniture.

The first style is the one that I want to offer the country. The country-style wedding today is very fashionable. To be able to organize, you need a space in the garden where you can put a large gazebo, whose fabrics should be soft, so that it is moved by the wind. Inside you have to put the tables with green tablecloths and chairs in wrought iron with comfy pillows. At the center of each table, you have to fix the lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere and centerpieces with flowers. If you have a garden pacer, not cover it. Otherwise, you can apply a synthetic grass, to prevent your guests can get dirty shoes.


The second style is elegant. To ensure that your wedding is elegant, you have to orient yourself on the color white. Set up a large gazebo transparent, so that the light penetrates easily and creates a natural environment. A touch of elegance is given in round tables, covered with white tablecloths and chairs are also of the same color. The centerpiece will be composed of white roses, and lighting will be provided by elegant crystal chandeliers and candles that come down from above, illuminating the entire gazebo.

The third style is very modern indicated in the summertime. Although this style is very much in vogue today. It’s a very kind and minimalist with a few details. You need to set up a gazebo with linen tablecloths, white coming down on all sides, inside and fix sofas armchairs black and white in false leather. The tables are low and small, because the idea is to create an intimate atmosphere. Can not miss flowers and candles scattered everywhere, that will make the atmosphere more romantic. To brighten up your gazebo, you can use either of wrought iron chandeliers, creating a contrast, or the soft white or colored lights placed at various points. The only drawback for those organizing an outdoor wedding is that of the rain, which is why you need to have a backup plan can be implemented .