When we have adequate space, sufficiently large and isolated, we can easily create an area in which to place the Office, where work and receive guests. To have a professional and comfortable environment we must be careful to choose the right furniture, here are some practical tips to prepare this room.

The Home Office is a convenient way to save on rent other premises and to have a space in your home where you have peace of mind your own business. First we must identify a suitable, sufficiently large, to be used for this purpose. This area must be clearly separated from the rest of the House, putting the walls soundproofed and have doors designed to insulate the space. The noises and activities of the rest of the House should not disturb our work, especially if we receive from customers, so we’ll take a serious and professional appearance. In some cases, a room may be sufficient, but let’s separate environments, creating a possible waiting room or a corner for coffee, which guarantees the right to privacy. For this purpose can be installed partition walls, stained glass or even sliding panels to move according to your needs.

We design the space carefully before buying the furniture, in order to optimize it and be able to incorporate everything we can serve for our business. It will be essential to a comfortable desk where to place documents and computers, with drawers that can be locked and a wide surface, such as a shelf to “L”. Choose a Chair or a comfortable chair, ergonomic and tired the spine, especially if we many hours sitting, and even comfortable seating for our clients. Place an elegant library contains useful books to read and can also run from archive for documentation. Finally consider lighting, trying to take advantage of natural light whenever possible, installing large Windows and choosing the right artificial light to shadow corners, possibly with energy-saving bulbs.


Decorations must be present but very essential, without filling the spaces, we seek instead to eliminate everything that is unnecessary and that has nothing to do with our work. A plant to purify the air, a beautiful picture on the wall and a desk set is elegant enough to give an interesting look to the room. Let’s instead careful to maintain a constant cleaning and eliminate the clutter: on shelves and on the desktop we have only the barest necessary, storing the remainder in folders and containers, so as to give a professional look to our Office. Install a heating system if not already present, keeping the temperature below 19 degrees in winter and by aerating the room every day, so the air rich in oxygen and help cool the mind and concentration.