Before the next start of this beautiful season, be prepared to do a general cleaning and leave in a cool environment to invite you at ease.

Spring brings flowers and a better climate, is the perfect time for a cleaning that will remove the effects of the cold house and leave a fresh and very nice. Although this type of cleaning is characterized by being very complete, you can get excellent results with few steps. For those living in the northern hemisphere, the season of flowers begins between 20 and 21 March with the vernal equinox , making everything reborn. Like the houses must be renewed after the passage of winter. It is best to banish moisture and germs that are in dark places and can cause flu or allergic states.

With spring, the first is to renew and keep winter clothes

While thinking about deep cleaning, need not be heavy, go for parts and finish what you start. Choose the days to carry it out, look for weekends when they can help the rest of the family. Basically you have to think about putting winter clothes, both the personal and the bed, open windows to let in the sun, removing accessories from last season and cleaned the moisture. If you have large closets where clothes fit used all year, do not remove it, just cover it with plastic bags being used less frequently. Remember counteract moisture and change clothing place, to prevent staining. If the cabinets are normal, we should take the winter clothes, no longer separate what is used, pocketing the rest and keep the bags used to it. Think about what to do with what separated, the options are: give away, donate or recycle it.


Wash and save

There are people who change the bedding according to season, if so, remove the sheets you are using and put some cotton. Wash them with blankets, quilts or thick quilts and save everything. If the curtains are thick, can be exchanged for ones that allow the passage of light and air. If you want to leave, it would lift completely and open the windows. This will fill the house for fresh air, remove odors and moisture. Accessories such as rugs or carpets are removed, vacuum, wrapped and stored until next winter. If these are held throughout the year in place, we must get them to give them the sun. With three hours of sunlight are removed mites that may have. We must be cautious and not try to do this when the carpet is wall to wall and is subject to the floor, in this case, be cleaned with a commercial product.

Removing moisture

There are times when the house is full of moisture, excessive, the walls black spots present is mildew. Its outbreak is due to poor insulation of the wall. Move furniture looking stains and make cleaning the area. The elimination depend on the depth which have, at times with brushing the wall is sufficient. Others will need to be sanded, which will miss the paint and have to paint again. At the time of combat mildew on the walls, you have to see how serious the problem and then apply the best solution. Perhaps we can apply a layer of mold and then painting the same type. There are commercial cleaners are highly effective liquid, are delicate to handle and if the paint is of good quality can be abused. Perhaps it is worth weighing the issue and thinking, investing in insulation or moisture is less. If it is normal that the house has a wet environment, you can put bowls with salt, uncooked rice, or sodium bicarbonate, the absorb these. Or you can buy a commercial product for this purpose, and if all you see the positive side, they can put some tropical plants or dining room.

Good results

Do not forget window cleaning corners and closets , then applying a flavoring as well as renew terrace and garden to enjoy these spaces. Perhaps hearing the term spring cleaning of the idea of ​​heavy action, but not, are actions easy, leaving a fresh air in the house, which will make it more welcoming for the new season. If after performing believe you do need something, you can add a touch of color, whether flowers, pillows or some natural flavoring, this will give that special touch that only those who love their home and family have it.