There are many tricks used by the interior decoration as far as bathing is concerned to get furniture that saves the toiletries.

Whatever the interior of a dwelling, the needs of storage space always make the most of local squeeze to get them. The bathrooms are one of these, especially when small size is necessary when more good ideas for interior decoration and furniture store to get space in which it seemed impossible that there could be one.

Use of space furnished with colorful decorations

An interesting solution is to use the highlands. Place high-style furniture which are placed in the decoration of kitchens is a good solution. In this case place horizontal swing doors is a solution that facilitates its use. We assume that this solution is used in a bath because it is small, the interesting thing is that the furniture is painted the same color as the wall so you do not have more visual weight, do not give the feeling of shrinking space, and transferred the decorative effect to other elements worth to be in the spotlight such as appliances or fittings .


The wall supporting the toilet and bidet may also serve to place shelves. The artifacts occupy only the bottom, placing a toilet bag does not go beyond the 70 cm height used. You can lose a little space making this up a bit thicker the wall, and from there up to be only a partition with a minimum thickness, and placing all the wide wooden shelves that use that width and may even protrude a few centimeters. Thus, you can get some shelves about 20 inches that can store large number of elements used in the bathrooms. According to the distribution of the bath, can be visible or closed with curtains Venetian properly treated wood slats that can protect from dust and spills items stored there.

In the bathrooms, decorative furniture from the bath

Taking to the cockpit as the center, the decor can make furniture that enable the storage and simultaneously contribute to the interior of the bathroom. Is very common that the length of the bath is less than the total width of the bath. Shelves may be placed on the end of the bath to achieve storage space. This may be a work cabinet or shelves attached to the wall rock. Another idea is to widen the marble on the bath houses, so to get a strip of 25 cm depth along its entire side, within which you can install some shelves with doors in a style that is according to the bathroom decor. Moreover, this widening of marble can use that space for dressing like a bank if the dimensions do not allow the bathroom elsewhere.

The interior design is always useful to use the corners

The corners can be well used also in the interior to get new space saving. Cabinets can be placed there Rinconeros may even reach the ceiling. An interesting option is to be closed with a door, which may contain a mirror. This provides a good option to look, as if speaking of small bathrooms may not be another large, plus the mirror can reflect light from a window in the bathroom there thus improving the natural lighting of the premises . With the use of different coating materials in bathrooms, can also be played. Mode can be placed at a given base ceramic to 90 or 100 cm and above, as a shot, a small shelf to allow placement of such toothbrushes or soap. The interior always raises small solutions to big problems. The key is to have an open mind to new ideas, and not always be in the classical definitions.