The bathroom is usually the first room you enter each morning : find clean and tidy it definitely helps to start your day in a more positive light. Today the houses, for reasons of space, often have services reduced in size, but whatever their size, it is always an environment that you should take the utmost care, especially for a matter of hygiene. But let’s see how to always have good results.

We begin with an observation really important in bathroom, even in the smallest, is always needed an opening means any opening, not only to aerate and to eliminate odors and humidity, but also to have light is obviously useful when you are using the mirror to comb and carving, but if you can not, you must enter a device ventilation (a small device that when needed, to ensure air exchange), but as you can imagine, it is not certainly not the same.


The ventilation and brightness are important, but cleanliness is certainly not neglected: a couple of times a week (if you do not have time, do it at least once!) you must take care of thoroughly cleaned with a suitable cleaning product and disinfectant, sink, bath, plumbing, tiles and floors, you should also wash windows and fixtures, that with frequent steam tend to drip and mist considerably. daily basis will instead be sufficient to maintain the cleanliness using the fastest systems.

The taps neat and well polished, they are definitely more pleasant to see and use: daily rub with a cloth dampened with water and a few drops of lime product: shine in an instant. A sponge soaked in water and soap and then squeezed in a few minutes make the shiny sink, tub and bidet: are gestures fast, but you will see the results immediately Scrub the toilet every day with a good product stewardship and clean the seat above and under. When out of the shower, rinse immediately plate and rubber mat: the soap scum or foam, surfaces mattify When you leave the room, do not forget to open the window, even when the weather is cold, it takes really few moments to squeeze out the moisture from the environment.

Keep possibly at your disposal, always two -bath rugs come down : when one is ‘soaked’ water (or wash), roll it out and use the dry: not only be more pleasant to look at, but you will avoid the wet fabric can take an annoying smell: the same goes for the towel or bathrobe: just a moment to put a little off the ropes!

Sketches of soap, toothpaste and shaving cream that inevitably end up on the mirrors, should be eliminated, do not let them dry out : every other day ‘delete it’ with a cloth dampened with water and a few drops of alcohol, then dried everything immediately with a dry cloth, then simply wash the surface thoroughly with a specific product, once a week. before going to bed, pour in half cup cap sanitizer without pulling the water: the morning you will find the toilet a pleasant fragrance. If the bathroom has plenty of light, a shelf with a small plant will make the room cheerful.