The washing machine, in spite of his strong appearance and compact, it is an appliance that requires a lot of attention and care, so that it can last as long as possible. In this guide, we will try to illustrate several precautions that will take care of our washing machine, without resorting to expensive or technical bungling husbands.

First, make sure to enter the shoes that do not contain objects. It may seem trivial, but who cast the first stone in this superficiality is not stumbled at least once. The point is that a forgotten item, especially if pointed, can damage the inside of the washing machine, forcing costly repairs. Perhaps it may be useful to beat the clothes before placing them in the basket.


The first secret is to use your washing machine at full load, and then to put it into operation only when our basket of dirty clothes has reached its climax. Of course, do not overdo it: overload the washing machine can be just as harmful. The descaling must be used in each wash, never forget. It is said that you have to buy the best one on the market in force, indeed. The bicarbonate in its economy, is the best possible because it reduces consumption, preserves the strengths and improves performance.

Periodically (at least once a month), then you have to clean the exhaust filter, the solenoid valve and also the detergent drawer. In addition, to eliminate the odor, you have to make a complete cycle without clothes, using only a cup of balsamic vinegar. About the detergent, then, remember that you should never overdo the quantity: not only because it is a waste, but why does not clean at all more, pollute and, as if that were not enough, is deposited on the fabrics.

Make a wash, always with the empty basket, once or twice a month, with 500 ml of white vinegar at 90 degrees, to be put directly into the drum, which will serve to dissolve the limestone, the detergent residue, dirt, fat and prevents the formation of bad odors. One last trick is to use perborate for whites, vinegar mixed with water softener in place, and instead of different additives, try two tablespoons of salt and soda Solvay.

Finally, in case you need to leave the machine for a long time in inactivity, remember to disconnect and drain the hydraulic hose, and leave the door slightly open to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.