It is always nice to go shopping and fill the fridge with all products purchased, but often do not you think it is important that you always keep it clean. The bacteria that proliferate within come into contact with food going to contaminate them, so clean every fifteen or thirty days, the refrigerator becomes a rule.

In the market, there are different types of products suitable for cleaning of refrigerators, but if you do not have the time or inclination to go looking for these cleaning solutions, then we can safely use household vinegar with warm water, a cloth soft and bicarbonate. First, you unplug the unit from the electrical outlet empties all over the refrigerator and the freezer if understood and if you want to do a general cleaning. Leaving open for about ten minutes the doors of both the freezer to the refrigerator, magazines will begin to defrost making it easier cleaning job. At this point, with the gloves, wet a soft cloth in hot water with vinegar and baking soda, you begin to clean all the walls of the fridge.


If there are pullout shelves and baskets brings vegetables is advisable to take them off and wash them thoroughly with the dish detergent. From the freezer instead it is also essential to use a scraper for ice, often included with the purchase of the refrigerator itself. Removing all the ice you can clean the walls, otherwise residual ice would attack the cloth and not allow cleaning. It is important to know that a freezer neglected with only a few inches of ice on the walls, the double consumes electricity.

To prevent the ice to reform immediately after cleaning the refrigerator, it is desirable that all parts are dry with a cloth, that is, we must not leave wet or damp parts, especially in the freezer. Even the door seals must be clean, often these will be soaked with the cold air coming out every time you open the fridge, and are filled with mold. Since it is more complicated to use the cloth on these parts, then it is better to use a toothbrush with bleach that will eliminate all traces of mold. All external parts can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents if the walls are lacquered, whether they are of stainless steel, then you can polish with specific products.

Do not forget that you must also always keep clean the hole which is located in the inner part at the bottom of the refrigerator, it serves to the water flow during the defrosting phase and that if obstructed may cause water leakage outside. After you have done all this work and he has put all things inside, it’s nice to put a deodorant exclusively for refrigerators. It will be a pleasure at this time to smell clean and learn to consume food without incurring any risk.